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Laura Batson

Professional JavaScript Developer

I graduated from Thinkful in 2017 and I’ve been working in React ever since. In 2017, I joined the Development team at Thing Tech as a React and React Native developer and in 2019, I started a new role through Vaco. I’ve also joined an exciting startup, Flatfile helping with their dashboard in React. Coding is fun! It's solving puzzles and challenging your brain to think in new ways. I have found my calling in coding and I love what I'm doing every day!

I work in React and React Native but I'm also always looking for new ways to add to my tech stack. I dabble in Node, elixir, Angular, and Vue. I bring a background in sales, marketing, and customer service with me to my role as a developer. I love attending development events and conferences and I'm a proud member of the leadership team of Women Who Code Atlanta. You can find me at many of their events and representing them at other local tech meetups.